Sunday, September 25, 2011

Quote of the day

"Don't stop believing in yourself". Yea sure most of the time we all get knocked down and we aren't sure how to get back up again. Most of us make the mistake of not believing in our selves. The answer is really simple, DON'T look back and keep moving forward. When in doubt that your not doing that great, always reassure yourself  "that you are capable of being something, someday". DON'T worry because when an opportunity gets taken away from you, it means that something GREAT is up ahead. Just keep working hard and good things will come eventually.

Quote of the day: Don't stop believing in yourself


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quote of the day

At some point of time we all happen to hit road blocks, but we need to stay positive, shake it off  and move on. In order to do this we must be the positive change in our life, and we must keep moving forward

Quote of the day: When you think your life is not how you want it to be, be the positive change that your life needs.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Quote of the day

A lot of people are afraid to put it out there, that they want something. If you want some thing dont be afraid to ask, who knows someday that could be a opportunity of a life time. For example if you want a car, save up for it, get a job, because working hard pays off. Stop complaining that you dont have this or that, or you cant get this or that because you dont have the means to. If there is a will there is a way. Good luck my poemaddict's .


Quote of the day: "A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That's why they dont get what they want."~  Madonna 


Friday, September 16, 2011

Quote of the day

Hey everyone i am sorry that i have been MIA for the last few quotes of the day. I have been super busy with work. Here is another motivational quote from Abraham Lincon. Most of us are always worried about our future and how and where we are going to end up, but our future is what we make it, so its best we plan ahead and and live one day at a time as best as we can possible. No one is perfect we all make mistakes.


Quote of the day: The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time ~ Abraham Lincon


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quote of the day

Staying true to your self is very important, because some times we get lost and we dont know who we have become, or how we got there. Surround your self with people that appreciate you and understand you, because when you surround your self with people with low self-esteem you start to think like them and become like them. Be Original :)


Quote of the day: Be original and stay true to your self, someday every one will appreciate you for who you are.


Sunday, September 11, 2011


This is a song i wrote for a friend of mine. She needed a love song for her boyfriend  for his birthday and i felt like this would be perfect. And anyone can share this with their boyfriend. This song is actually written to the music by  kina grannis- valentine( )  i used her music as my inspiration.Her song valentine is amazing. but this is my version. let me know what you think.

Feeling: LOVE

you mean everything to me
your my hope and dreams 
your worth celebrating
cuz you and me are ment to be
some say this is the most perfect feeling

when i close my eyes you are all i see 
i cant help this feeling
you make me happy
so happy oh so happy

you mean everything to me
your my hope and dreams 
your worth celebrating
cuz you and me are ment to be
some say this is the most perfect feeling

when i close my eyes you are all i see 
i cant help this feeling
you make me happy
so happy oh so happy

when i close my eyes you are all i see 
i cant help this feeling
you make me happy
so happy oh so happy

dont you see your ment for me
so let me love you 
be mine be mine for ever

I just want to say happy birthday.


Friday, September 2, 2011

Half Way Across The World

This poem is so very close to my heart because we all never really take time to think about the people on the other side suffering and loosing homes, loosing their family. I hope someday mankind on this side, leave our fast paced lives for a few minutes and take the time to think about the others. I hope we can all help each other, even if it is in the smallest way.

Feeling: HOPE

We never know what is going on half way across the world
We are all at the comfort of our own homes,
While half way across the world children are put to work
People are without homes & food.
Do we all even take time to think about it?

How do they even survive over there?
While they are hungry & thirsty
How do they go on living each day?
We stay on the other side and complain all day, nothing is ever good enough.
Do we think about the people whose homes are being raided?
Or even about the people who sleep every night in fear that they may never wake up again

Do we even go to sleep at night with them in our thoughts and prayers?
We live in such a materialistic world that we forget about others around us.
We look at celebrities as role models but there are people out there, with each of them having
a story that would bring tears to our eyes.
Its them who should be role models in our lives.

If only we knew what goes on in the minds of people living half way across the world.
We could be more grateful and live each day helping out one another to make
The lives of people half way across the world better

Once Voice

I wrote this poem thinking about how much our world needs to change. I was actually looking for a picture on Google for this poem, and i saw the webpage for Janet Jackson's movie " For Colored Girls". The concept they have for this movie is awesome its called " Many Colors, One Voice". Its such a beautiful website and an amazing concept. I feel the same way, we all come in many colors but we have one voice, we must use it to make a difference in the world.

Feeling: HOPE

One voice is all it takes to make a difference
One voice is all it takes to change the world.
That one voice can make millions follow.
Anyone can bring you down, but no one can take the power of your voice away.

Sometimes all it takes is one voice..
A voice can change and touch one life
Imagine how it will be with a million voices.
Just imagine that one voice multiplying so that everyone can hear.
That one voice will allow us to fight for what we believe in
That one voice will give us the courage to change our future.
That one voice should begin with us, as each individual.

We are all given one voice, why don’t we start today
Why don’t we go out there, and make someone’s day better,
Why don’t we start giving even if we don’t have anything to offer.
So let’s start with one voice, and lets pass that one voice around the world.
We’ve got one voice, one world
Let the change begin.


Birth Giver's

I came up with this poem for my parents who have been through a lot and given up a lot for me. This poem actually goes for all the parents who always give up things for their kids, and no matter what kids come first.

Feeling: LOVE

You are the people who struggle to feed, clothe & educate me
You are the only ones that will push me when feel like giving up
You sacrifice your time, sleep and your enjoyment so I could have mine.
I know no one will ever love me so unconditionally
Whatever I have ever wanted I have gotten, you’ve listened to me when I needed a friend.

When I felt lost and alone you were always ready to comfort me.
I know you will be the only people in the world that would help me with no questions asked.
For all the sacrifices and time spent on me I owe you my life.
You are the most precious people in the world to me.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thank You

 I wrote this poem for all the people in my life that stuck with me through everything. So this is to thank them for never giving up. I think at some point of time everyone will have to go back to the people who made them what they are today..


Thank you for being there for me through every step of the way.
Thank you for sticking with me and willing to change me for better.
Thank you for all the sleepless nights and the endless speeches.
Thank you for understanding me better than I understand myself.
Thank you for always putting me first before everyone else.
Thank you for being my inspiration when I had no hope.
Thank you because of this I owe you my life.


The World We Live In

I came up with this poem when i was reading a forum posting about the documentary "The Cove". This documentary touched me and mad me realize things about they way us "humans" think, and it was shocking.
I just wish that people would be more aware of their surroundings instead of them selves.

Feeling: CHANGE

Why don’t we all take a hard look at the world we live in.
Why is it that we have all the hate not love,
Why is there all ways room for war, not peace?
Why is it that no one ever thinks about the consequences of their actions?
Is this what it has come to?
Why don’t we all take time to think about each other?
We are surrounded by so much beauty but no one takes the time to appreciate it.
We are all so busy with our lives, too busy to even notice
as life passes by,
Days become weeks, weeks become months and months become years.
yet there is no difference in the world.
Why is our world filled with corruption, destruction, poverty and many other endless
It makes me wonder, have we all given up?
Haven’t we learnt a lesson yet?
The world that we live in, is it too late to change it?
Or are we so far gone that change has just become a mirage.
let us all have some hope and pray for peace
and may god bless our soul,
Because the world we live in isn’t going to last much longer.


Soul Mate

This poem was inspired by the way the world works, in pairing each of us with a suited mate. Its actually a really beautiful process come to think of it. I love the word soul mate, it sounds so magical. 

Feeling: LOVE
How can there be one soul who can make our life so much better
Exactly how can this spectacular mortal be the perfect one?
The time I have devoted looking & searching, has paid out
Because I am no longer alone & left out there in the cold.
Finally I have a hand that fills the space in mine.
A home that is occupied with laughter,
And a bed that is no longer bare. 


Monday, August 15, 2011


I came up with this poem thinking about how complicated yet simple love can be.. Love to us have become hope, to me it feels like if we find love we have hope.

Feeling: LOVE

Its something we can live without
even if we tried.
we find it in every nook & cranny.
love is just a word, but when put together with feelings,
its something we cant let go of.
Even though we may never know whats up ahead
we all still want a piece of it.
Its an addictive feeling we cant let go.
and you get scared to death thinking of
where it will take you.
once you get it hang on and never let go



This is a poem that is very close to my heart, reason being there is too much corruption, destruction, poverty and many other endless things going on in our world. I just wish that our world soon becomes a better place to live in.

Feeling: HOPE

Being united is what we all should be thinking about.
We are all one, we are all equals
when the time comes we must answer
why weren't we there for each other?
why dint we look out for one another?
come to think about its too late now too late.
we all bought our world to an end
we all stopped caring
we were all to busy thinking about ourselves

wait what is this?
im awake i cant believe this
is this god giving us a second chance?
it was all a dream
we still have time to change, its not too late
hope this time everything changes for better
because we are all one, we are all equal
united we must stand.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

The New Beginning

This is a poem i wrote when i was about 11 yrs old for a poetry competition and i had won. I cant believe i felt this way about our world when i was small.

Feeling: HOPE

Is this how the New Year is going to be?
Now we live in a world
where we don't know when will disaster strikes us.
With new technology
more disastrous weapons of mass destruction are made.
With advancing armies preparing for war.
I wish the world leaders would make Peace with each other.
And hope they use that money to feed the poor
and the places where there is famine.
I wish that all the troubles and pains of the people would go away.
The people who are homeless would have decent homes to live in.
I hope all the people would have their rights and dignity back.



I wrote this poem thinking about the difficulty some people have when admitting that they love someone. In the end when its too late we end up regretting not telling the other person how we truly feel.

Feeling: REGRET

why does it hurt so bad when
your with someone else
what is it called?
is it love or is it something else
why does it hurt.
why cant i find an answer to this..
why is it when i hear that you're
are in the arms of another
it rips a hole in my heart

is this called love?
then why cant i speak it out
what is it thats stoping me?
what am i afraid of?
why cant i show my true feelings?
why do i have so much pride?
in the end it hurts so bad
i cant make the pain stop.
i regret not telling you
Its too late now, you're gone.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

There she goes

This is a special poem dedicated to one of my favorite person in the world. She is truly and inspiring human being we can all learn from.And this poem is dedicated to all the powerful and brave women out there who want to make a difference in the world
There she goes a woman with confidence and grace
She blows your mind away.
Her voice so loud and strong, so everyone can hear
No one can stop her once her mind is set
There she goes
Here patience and compassion can light up a room
There she goes
Her free spirit soaring up into the sky
There she goes..


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What happend?

This poem is actually personal because of an issue that happened to me. and i hate the way things are even though i hope for the best in situations..


Everyone says we learn from our mistakes,
but why do we get judged for the mistakes we make.
why is that the world is so unfair,
everyone goes on thinking about them selves.
no matter how hard you work there is always that some one that puts you down.
i don't want to be in this world filled with people who lie and deceive just for their benefit.
just look at how our world has become with all the hate, anger, the evil thoughts, the pain and suffering.
what happened to all the love , joy and happiness in the world.
why cant we spend our time helping and caring for each other.
is that so wrong?
we are living in a world which will soon belong to our children and our children's children.
is this what we want to bring them out to.
if this is how its going to be
i would rather stay in a room and dedicate my self to god and wait for death to come.


Saturday, June 11, 2011


Sometimes things happen that you have no explanations for. Its kind of like when lightning strikes and you had no idea it did... This poem is for everyone that has been in any form of
relationship and was ignored, or dint have a opinion or voice in the relationship.


why is it that i am the one to sacrifice
why cant you.
why is it that when i get hurt
you don't seem to notice
why is it that very thing has to be your way..
am i invisible?
why cant you see me for who i am?
why does everything have to be so complicated.
i am so tired of being ignored.
this silence is burning a hole in me
why cant i escape from it all.
i am not asking for much all i needed was
your love and understanding.
is that a lot?
i guess this was never meant to be.


One Sided Love

I wrote this poem for some one that was looking for a poem to describe their exact feelings but couldnt find one. So i asked them to describe what they were feeling and jotted down the key words and this is what i came up with.

Feeling: LEFT OUT

why does every thing have to be one sided
is it me that looks at things this way..
why is it that i put in all the effort.
why cant you meet me half way..
why does everything have to be your way..
this feeling makes me want to scream.
but i still love you regardless but you will never know.
ill always be there in your darkest hour.
but you refuse to see..
why is this love so one sided.
why cant you see me..



Today's poem was fueled by emotions that i really cant express. It was only expressable through a poem


fueled with anger
riddled with pain
why do things always have to be this way
hard as it is,
painful it can be..
why does it always end this way.
is it over for good?
is it the way its supposed to be..
why does it always end this way..


Thursday, June 9, 2011


This is poem expresses perfect love, the perfect love we all go looking for..

Feeling: Love

You became my heartbeat
every step i took you became my life.
your everything i live for, i am glad your mine.
Ive never been happier, ever since i met everything's perfect.
I wouldn't trade this moment for the world
because your an angel sent from above.

I hope what i wrote is enough to prove, that i love you.
If it isn't i would spend the rest of my life making sure i show you how much i love you.


Grow On me...

I wrote this poem when i thought about whats its like to loose some one when that have been a part of you forever. Its as if they have grown on you and into you that loosing that person is unacceptable.

Feeling: SAD

From the moment i met you i felt complete,
you were like the last missing piece of the puzzle.
Then you started to grow on me & you made me feel important, like i was the only one that existed
in your life.
There were so many signs that showed me that you loved me,
like how you never say no to me, or how you like to hold my hands, and even when you stare at me when im asleep, ooh even better when you wait for any chance to kiss me on my cheek.

You started to grow on me more and more, and i cant live without you that's for sure.
when ever we are apart my life is meaningless,
is this called love or is this my imagination..
then i thought about it more and more
its love now i am sure..


Sunday, May 29, 2011


This is my first attempt at posting a poem on a blog. I have never shared my work with anyone. But now i want my poems to make an impact on peoples lives and make a difference.. This poem is about how life always knocks you down but you have to always make an effort to get up.

Feeling: ANGRY

I thought this was a new year for change,
Is it me, am i the one to blame.
I cant understand why, when i try to pick my self up, life knocks me down.
Ive tried to get up but its no use, im pinned down.
I want all of this to go away, i think its a new day a new beginning, but what do i know, life is waiting right around the corner to knock me down again.
I keep hoping today is going to be different, but its just like every other day.
Silly me for thinking things are going to change.
I promised my self to take life one day at a time,
but as everyday passes i think to my self what have i accomplished.
well nothing..
is it me am i the one to blame..



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