Friday, September 2, 2011

Birth Giver's

I came up with this poem for my parents who have been through a lot and given up a lot for me. This poem actually goes for all the parents who always give up things for their kids, and no matter what kids come first.

Feeling: LOVE

You are the people who struggle to feed, clothe & educate me
You are the only ones that will push me when feel like giving up
You sacrifice your time, sleep and your enjoyment so I could have mine.
I know no one will ever love me so unconditionally
Whatever I have ever wanted I have gotten, you’ve listened to me when I needed a friend.

When I felt lost and alone you were always ready to comfort me.
I know you will be the only people in the world that would help me with no questions asked.
For all the sacrifices and time spent on me I owe you my life.
You are the most precious people in the world to me.

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