Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What happend?

This poem is actually personal because of an issue that happened to me. and i hate the way things are even though i hope for the best in situations..


Everyone says we learn from our mistakes,
but why do we get judged for the mistakes we make.
why is that the world is so unfair,
everyone goes on thinking about them selves.
no matter how hard you work there is always that some one that puts you down.
i don't want to be in this world filled with people who lie and deceive just for their benefit.
just look at how our world has become with all the hate, anger, the evil thoughts, the pain and suffering.
what happened to all the love , joy and happiness in the world.
why cant we spend our time helping and caring for each other.
is that so wrong?
we are living in a world which will soon belong to our children and our children's children.
is this what we want to bring them out to.
if this is how its going to be
i would rather stay in a room and dedicate my self to god and wait for death to come.


Saturday, June 11, 2011


Sometimes things happen that you have no explanations for. Its kind of like when lightning strikes and you had no idea it did... This poem is for everyone that has been in any form of
relationship and was ignored, or dint have a opinion or voice in the relationship.


why is it that i am the one to sacrifice
why cant you.
why is it that when i get hurt
you don't seem to notice
why is it that very thing has to be your way..
am i invisible?
why cant you see me for who i am?
why does everything have to be so complicated.
i am so tired of being ignored.
this silence is burning a hole in me
why cant i escape from it all.
i am not asking for much all i needed was
your love and understanding.
is that a lot?
i guess this was never meant to be.


One Sided Love

I wrote this poem for some one that was looking for a poem to describe their exact feelings but couldnt find one. So i asked them to describe what they were feeling and jotted down the key words and this is what i came up with.

Feeling: LEFT OUT

why does every thing have to be one sided
is it me that looks at things this way..
why is it that i put in all the effort.
why cant you meet me half way..
why does everything have to be your way..
this feeling makes me want to scream.
but i still love you regardless but you will never know.
ill always be there in your darkest hour.
but you refuse to see..
why is this love so one sided.
why cant you see me..



Today's poem was fueled by emotions that i really cant express. It was only expressable through a poem


fueled with anger
riddled with pain
why do things always have to be this way
hard as it is,
painful it can be..
why does it always end this way.
is it over for good?
is it the way its supposed to be..
why does it always end this way..


Thursday, June 9, 2011


This is poem expresses perfect love, the perfect love we all go looking for..

Feeling: Love

You became my heartbeat
every step i took you became my life.
your everything i live for, i am glad your mine.
Ive never been happier, ever since i met everything's perfect.
I wouldn't trade this moment for the world
because your an angel sent from above.

I hope what i wrote is enough to prove, that i love you.
If it isn't i would spend the rest of my life making sure i show you how much i love you.


Grow On me...

I wrote this poem when i thought about whats its like to loose some one when that have been a part of you forever. Its as if they have grown on you and into you that loosing that person is unacceptable.

Feeling: SAD

From the moment i met you i felt complete,
you were like the last missing piece of the puzzle.
Then you started to grow on me & you made me feel important, like i was the only one that existed
in your life.
There were so many signs that showed me that you loved me,
like how you never say no to me, or how you like to hold my hands, and even when you stare at me when im asleep, ooh even better when you wait for any chance to kiss me on my cheek.

You started to grow on me more and more, and i cant live without you that's for sure.
when ever we are apart my life is meaningless,
is this called love or is this my imagination..
then i thought about it more and more
its love now i am sure..



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