Thursday, June 9, 2011

Grow On me...

I wrote this poem when i thought about whats its like to loose some one when that have been a part of you forever. Its as if they have grown on you and into you that loosing that person is unacceptable.

Feeling: SAD

From the moment i met you i felt complete,
you were like the last missing piece of the puzzle.
Then you started to grow on me & you made me feel important, like i was the only one that existed
in your life.
There were so many signs that showed me that you loved me,
like how you never say no to me, or how you like to hold my hands, and even when you stare at me when im asleep, ooh even better when you wait for any chance to kiss me on my cheek.

You started to grow on me more and more, and i cant live without you that's for sure.
when ever we are apart my life is meaningless,
is this called love or is this my imagination..
then i thought about it more and more
its love now i am sure..


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