Sunday, May 29, 2011


This is my first attempt at posting a poem on a blog. I have never shared my work with anyone. But now i want my poems to make an impact on peoples lives and make a difference.. This poem is about how life always knocks you down but you have to always make an effort to get up.

Feeling: ANGRY

I thought this was a new year for change,
Is it me, am i the one to blame.
I cant understand why, when i try to pick my self up, life knocks me down.
Ive tried to get up but its no use, im pinned down.
I want all of this to go away, i think its a new day a new beginning, but what do i know, life is waiting right around the corner to knock me down again.
I keep hoping today is going to be different, but its just like every other day.
Silly me for thinking things are going to change.
I promised my self to take life one day at a time,
but as everyday passes i think to my self what have i accomplished.
well nothing..
is it me am i the one to blame..


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