Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What happend?

This poem is actually personal because of an issue that happened to me. and i hate the way things are even though i hope for the best in situations..


Everyone says we learn from our mistakes,
but why do we get judged for the mistakes we make.
why is that the world is so unfair,
everyone goes on thinking about them selves.
no matter how hard you work there is always that some one that puts you down.
i don't want to be in this world filled with people who lie and deceive just for their benefit.
just look at how our world has become with all the hate, anger, the evil thoughts, the pain and suffering.
what happened to all the love , joy and happiness in the world.
why cant we spend our time helping and caring for each other.
is that so wrong?
we are living in a world which will soon belong to our children and our children's children.
is this what we want to bring them out to.
if this is how its going to be
i would rather stay in a room and dedicate my self to god and wait for death to come.


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