Friday, September 2, 2011

Once Voice

I wrote this poem thinking about how much our world needs to change. I was actually looking for a picture on Google for this poem, and i saw the webpage for Janet Jackson's movie " For Colored Girls". The concept they have for this movie is awesome its called " Many Colors, One Voice". Its such a beautiful website and an amazing concept. I feel the same way, we all come in many colors but we have one voice, we must use it to make a difference in the world.

Feeling: HOPE

One voice is all it takes to make a difference
One voice is all it takes to change the world.
That one voice can make millions follow.
Anyone can bring you down, but no one can take the power of your voice away.

Sometimes all it takes is one voice..
A voice can change and touch one life
Imagine how it will be with a million voices.
Just imagine that one voice multiplying so that everyone can hear.
That one voice will allow us to fight for what we believe in
That one voice will give us the courage to change our future.
That one voice should begin with us, as each individual.

We are all given one voice, why don’t we start today
Why don’t we go out there, and make someone’s day better,
Why don’t we start giving even if we don’t have anything to offer.
So let’s start with one voice, and lets pass that one voice around the world.
We’ve got one voice, one world
Let the change begin.


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