Thursday, September 1, 2011

The World We Live In

I came up with this poem when i was reading a forum posting about the documentary "The Cove". This documentary touched me and mad me realize things about they way us "humans" think, and it was shocking.
I just wish that people would be more aware of their surroundings instead of them selves.

Feeling: CHANGE

Why don’t we all take a hard look at the world we live in.
Why is it that we have all the hate not love,
Why is there all ways room for war, not peace?
Why is it that no one ever thinks about the consequences of their actions?
Is this what it has come to?
Why don’t we all take time to think about each other?
We are surrounded by so much beauty but no one takes the time to appreciate it.
We are all so busy with our lives, too busy to even notice
as life passes by,
Days become weeks, weeks become months and months become years.
yet there is no difference in the world.
Why is our world filled with corruption, destruction, poverty and many other endless
It makes me wonder, have we all given up?
Haven’t we learnt a lesson yet?
The world that we live in, is it too late to change it?
Or are we so far gone that change has just become a mirage.
let us all have some hope and pray for peace
and may god bless our soul,
Because the world we live in isn’t going to last much longer.


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