Friday, September 2, 2011

Half Way Across The World

This poem is so very close to my heart because we all never really take time to think about the people on the other side suffering and loosing homes, loosing their family. I hope someday mankind on this side, leave our fast paced lives for a few minutes and take the time to think about the others. I hope we can all help each other, even if it is in the smallest way.

Feeling: HOPE

We never know what is going on half way across the world
We are all at the comfort of our own homes,
While half way across the world children are put to work
People are without homes & food.
Do we all even take time to think about it?

How do they even survive over there?
While they are hungry & thirsty
How do they go on living each day?
We stay on the other side and complain all day, nothing is ever good enough.
Do we think about the people whose homes are being raided?
Or even about the people who sleep every night in fear that they may never wake up again

Do we even go to sleep at night with them in our thoughts and prayers?
We live in such a materialistic world that we forget about others around us.
We look at celebrities as role models but there are people out there, with each of them having
a story that would bring tears to our eyes.
Its them who should be role models in our lives.

If only we knew what goes on in the minds of people living half way across the world.
We could be more grateful and live each day helping out one another to make
The lives of people half way across the world better

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