Monday, August 15, 2011


I came up with this poem thinking about how complicated yet simple love can be.. Love to us have become hope, to me it feels like if we find love we have hope.

Feeling: LOVE

Its something we can live without
even if we tried.
we find it in every nook & cranny.
love is just a word, but when put together with feelings,
its something we cant let go of.
Even though we may never know whats up ahead
we all still want a piece of it.
Its an addictive feeling we cant let go.
and you get scared to death thinking of
where it will take you.
once you get it hang on and never let go



  1. Excellent poem ,true definition of love ,,,,

  2. An enjoyable piece; just enough detail is provided to get your message across, so that the reader is forced to fill in the missing pieces from his own/her experiences; although the unknown can be fearful, one recognizes the value of being loved.

    --Joe Breunig
    author/poet, Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory



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